The Sunflower Cafe - We spoil you with great food.
Catering Menu
We will customize a menu to fit your needs or you can pick from our catering menu listed below. We do everything from a full salad bar and sandwiches to hot breakfasts and petite desert displays.
We also do sheet cakes and cupcakes for any occasion. Contact us for a personal consultation@
913-393-0088 for an appointment. We would love to speak to you about your event at your convenience.
Continental Breakfast  
Muffins,Scones and Danish with fresh fruit,fresh ground coffee and orange juice $6.95 per person plus tax and 15% gratuity
Farmers Breakfast
Biscuits and  Gravy, Bacon, Sausage or Ham, Scrambled Eggs and 
Hash Browns served with fresh ground coffee and orange juice  $7.95 per person plus tax and a 15% gratuity 
Healthy Breakfast
Yogurt Bar with Sunflower Granola, Fruit  and toppings served with fresh ground coffee and orange juice. $6.95 per person plus sales tax and 15% gratuity

Brunch Breakfast
Egg Casserole with your choice of Bacon, Sausage or Ham and Fruit served with fresh ground coffee and orange juice. $7.95 per person plus tax and 15%                                                                                gratuity.

 Ala Carte Menu

Coffee Air Pot serves 10   $13.00
Decaf Air Pot Serves 10    $13.00
Over 50 people price       $2.00 per person
Orange Juice 10oz          $   1.39
Apple Juice 10oz             $   1.39
Hot Tea Bag                    $   1.30
Bottled Water                   $     .99
All catered drinks come with iced 

Cut Fruit                           $ 2.50ea
Yogurt                              $ 2.50ea
Granola                            $ 2.00ea
Muffins                              $2.00ea
Scones                              $2.00ea
Danish                               $2.00ea
Hot Cinnamon Rolls          $2.50ea
Scrambled Eggs                $2.00 per person
Egg Casserole                   $2.50 per person
Bacon                                 $2.39 2 pc per person
Sausage                             $2,39 2 pc per person
Ham                                    $2.39 2 pc per person
Hash Browns                      $1.49 per person
Biscuits and Gravy              $3.99 2 pc  $2.99 1 pc
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